Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bathing beauty: Caress Cashmere Luxury Body Wash

back in 2010, as 2011 approached, i really took time to think about what it was i wanted to do and accomplish by year's end. one of the few things i decided to do (among saving money and getting back in touch with my creative self) was to stop spending money on things, especially beauty products and clothing, that didn't make my beyond ecstatic each and every time i used or wore them. my ultimate desire was to spend only on items that were of absolute necessity and of great quality. so, i cleared my beauty stash of items i hadn't used in months and bagged up clothing, bags and shoes that didn't fit or hadn't seen the light of day in over a year.

everything i could donate or give away, i did.

to be honest, i can be a very impulsive buyer, so i thought this new practice would be a hard one, something that i'd have to keep "starting over" with. as it turns out, this "resolution" has been much easier to stick to than any other in my life.

maybe this quality over quantity mentality comes with age, LOL!

in any case, one of my absolute, favorite body washes, Caress Cashmere Luxury, definitely falls into this category, and it also happens to be wallet-friendly. my saving money plan is also being put into practice (btw, i am loving as a tool for helping me manage and save more moolah)-- yay!

Caress Cashmere Luxury key ingredients include white orchid milk, warm vanilla essence and sunflower oil. the creamy, rich texture lathers up beautifully and feels just as the name suggests, like luxurious cashmere. it leaves skin so incredibly soft and lightly scented. i love it!

next time you're looking to gift yourself a simple, yet luxurious, treat, try this body wash, won't you?

pic taken by me:)

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