Monday, April 18, 2011

nail color of the week: Color Club 'Uptown Girl'

there's nothing like giving myself a manicure. i realize this may not be the case for everyone, but it's become one of my favorite ways to center my thoughts and relax. i love the way i can pamper myself and give my hands polish {no pun intended}.
for this week's manicure, i chose a shade that's even relaxing to look at: Color Club Uptown Girl, from the Rebel Debutante collection.

this gorgeous shade of smoky lavender, though part of a collection from last year, is still a fabulous color for the current spring season.

and to keep with the purple theme, my daughter changed her polish to her current fave purple, OPI A Grape Fit!...

yep, she did her nails herself. :)

what nail color are you currently wearing this week?

pics taken by me:)

1 comment:

Trina said...

I'm wearing nothing on my nails this week which is weird for me. I love Color Club tho! My fav is High Society.