Thursday, April 21, 2011

Total Beauty: Undo Stress-Induced Beauty Issues

when you're stressed, whether you like it or not, it shows up on your face. i don't know about you, but i do everything in my power to deflect stress. non-beauty-related things from journal writing, to daily exercise; getting together with friends and also spending time alone; all of these things help me keep the peace in my mind and body, which translates directly to how my face looks.

in the following article (courtesy of}, you'll find a handful of tips that may be helpful when it comes to keeping you looking happy and stress-free, under any circumstance...enjoy!
How to Ditch the Side Effects of Stress

See how stress affects your skin and learn how to reverse the damage

How to Ditch the Side Effects of Stress

This is a stress and women article

According to New York City dermatologist David Goldberg, MD, when a person becomes stressed, the hormone cortisol rises causing skin to become oily, red and aged. So what can you do about it? Check out these easy lifestyle tricks that'll keep you looking good no matter what your stress level.


tell me: when you're stressed, what are your favorite beauty practices??

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