Saturday, April 23, 2011

Splendid Weekend To-Do List...

as you may already know, i'm a fan of lists; in some ways, they keep me sane {ha, ha!}. they help me remember more of what i want to accomplish when i actually write them by hand {not to mention i find it to be such a romantic, old-fashioned practice to do these days}, but overall i find them to be the best way to put personal priorities into focus.

inspired by a très fabuleaux blogger i discovered not too long ago, Kaileen Elise, and her weekly weekend creative to-do list, i've been creating my own weekend lists. in doing so, i've found myself enjoying more simple luxuries even during the "work" week; things that aren't necessarily the most exciting to some {like eating my meals on pretty dishes, shopping alone, listening to the sights and sounds of nature while i walk my pup, coloring, taking slow deep breaths, just to name a few}, but truly are fabulous when you think about it.

so, i'm going to do my best to post my lists here and hopefully you'll take the time to make a splendid to-do list of your own!

enjoy time with my family
reflect and meditate on what this holiday weekend really means to me
try a new recipe or two
walk my pup
indulge in a longer yoga practice
catch up on favorite podcasts
create some pages for my art journal
read my current library books
change my nail color
cuddle with my kids
call an old friend
organize my makeup bag

hope you have a gorgeous weekend, and if you're so inclined, share with me your splendid weekend to-do list in the comments below.

pic taken be me:)


Anonymous said...

I like this idea. :) I'm definitely making a list for the upcoming weekend.

Jessi said...

Ooh boy, I am far too many lists. Yours has lots of good stuff on it though.

Cute blog! ♥