Monday, May 2, 2011

splendid weekend to-do list...monday edition

see what i did there? haha!

yes, i admit, i forgot to post my newly-introduced splendid weekend to-do list on saturday as i had planned. as you can see from the image above, however, i did make my list.

i'm happy to report that my weekend did present many opportunities for me to indulge in all the fabulous tasks i wanted to do.

first on the list was to write. and that i did. journal writing {online and pen to paper} is so dear to me, so making time to do it everyday is important. other items on my list included sipping my recently-purchased 'Paris' tea from Harney & Sons. i could hardly contain myself when my package arrived. i also purchased Royal Wedding (yep, created just for that occasion, but not the reason i bought it) and an old favorite of mine, formally known as Bangkok, "a green tea with a thai twist".

another highlight of my weekend was movie night with my kids. we finished reading the first Harry Potter book and they wanted to see the film. it was a little dark, and sometimes scary {LOL}, but but we enjoyed ourselves; all dressed up in our pjs, with pillows and blankies, it was fun to stay up with them a little later than usual, watching the book in action. other to-do's were easy and always leave me feeling blissful: yoga, buy fresh flowers, take a nap, cuddle with my love and change my nail polish. i found fashion, beauty and fitness inspiration on the pages of my may mag issues, and relished time reading and listening to books.

i love weekends! what did you do?

pic taken by me :)

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