Thursday, May 26, 2011

hair therapy: Pantene Relaxed & Natural Dry to Moisturized Shampoo and Conditioner

when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, i am definitely the type to go for the most hydrating and moisturizing. i use products for dry or color-treated hair, mostly concerned with ingredients rather than using products that are specified for women of color.

if i'm being honest, i haven't had the best experiences with products for woc when used alone. my hair isn't coarse enough to handle the oils, and they have only left my tresses oily and weighed down. i found this to be frustrating the first time this happened to me because i had to go back and rewash my hair. since then, i have found that i can benefit from the heavier products-- they do give my hair a boost in condition-- but always plan for rewash.

this, however, has not been the case with Pantene Relaxed & Natural Dry to Moisturized shampoo and conditioner. i don't know how they do it, but Pantene has it down when it comes to moisturizing hair! i love their "regular" dry to moisturized line and have used those products many times over.

this new-to-me duo is like a step up in the dry to moisturized range. and no rewashing necessary- yay! i love that i can let my hair air dry and it's left with minimal frizz {tip: if your curly hair is frizzy, it needs moisture!}, and when i style, my hair is soft, shiny and full. fabulous work, Pantene!

i would recommend this to any woman with unruly or coarse tresses. don't let the Relaxed & Natural label deflect you. try them. you can find them at a drugstore near you.


Reena said...

It's good that you have found a product that really works! Pantene is one of the best brands that I have used on my hair so far.

Obaging said...

I have an unruly mane and constantly on the look-out for a product that can help me keep my hair looking neat. This might do the trick.