Friday, August 12, 2011

bonjour beauties...

hope you've been enjoying your summer! it has been a fabulous one for me, i have to say...

with all the fun and busyness going on, i chose to take some time away, as you may have noticed. :)

i realize this is something i've done before-- reevaluating my purpose for blogging and allowing myself time away from it-- and i will be honest: it could quite possibly happen again.

the truth is, sitting down everyday to post isn't the easiest thing for me to do. it was my personal choice to step away and just allow myself to not worry about it. i love sharing beauty reviews, news and goodies with you, please don't get me wrong-- but priorities have to be established, you know?

that said, i am still here! in my hiatus, i've stayed connected, working with fabulous pr darlings, and plan to continue to share my thoughts on this beautiful life with you. i can't say how happy i am to see that you continue to visit here, to check in-- it makes me so happy to see!-- but i encourage you to subscribe via email or feed reader, so when i do post, you'll get it sent right to your inbox.

also, if you're not already, please follow me on twitter to go along with me through my day {i tweet everything from beauty and style to my family, food and fitness lifestyle}, and check out my tumblr {yes, i jumped on that bandwagon, lol} for fun, girly fashion, lifestyle and of course, beauty, goodness that i update very frequently {it's so easy to do from my iphone!}.

thank you for being so incredibly fabulous...stay tuned!

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