Friday, December 23, 2011

beyond-easy hairstyles to wear for the holidays and beyond...

personally, i'm always wearing some sort of variation of a "hair down" style; sometimes i add a braid on the side or tiny twists at my temples, but i often have to talk myself into wearing my hair up, even if only half up {strange it may seem, yes, but we're all guilty of keeping to our safe, comfortable, i-feel-better-wearing-my-hair-like-this style...c'mon, admit it! *wink}.

typically, it's at certain times of year {holidays, awards season, summer} that i am most inspired to change it up. celeb hairstylist and Redken artist Nelson Vercher, who has worked with many stars including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Palermo and Kelly Rowland, has shared 3 fabulous hairstyles that are not only great, chic options for this time of year, but also easy, perfect for incorporating them year-round...

1) off the face ponytail or high buns: don't let your hair come in the way of your new year's kiss. many celebs have been spotted with a pony tail for a natural, softer look. with a smoky eye shadow and great accessories this hair do would be great for all your holiday festivities.

2) a loose french fish tail or classic plait middle braid: this is an easy, sexy and fun look. don't let the wind stop you from getting creative. you can add some hair accessories to it!

3) half up, half down: this is great for the holidays because the front of the hair is back off the face and the back is left down; curls can be added for a glamorous look.

Nelson says: "i think it is always best to do something off the face...a lot of times up and off the collar because people wear lots of high collars, scarves and very layered clothes this time of year, particularly new years eve!"

so easy, right? plus, with some creativity, you'll be able create these styles and make them look completely fresh for any occasion.

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