Monday, December 26, 2011

Total Beauty: how to disguise those tired eyes...

between shopping, parties and late night get-togethers, the holiday season is definitely one that can wear us out. and where does it show up? in our eyes, of course.

at some point a girl needs help to soothe, not to mention hide, tired peepers. i personally find eye drops to be a must-have, as redness is definitely a contributor to a tired look. i love this article {courtesy of} that highlights some fabulous makeup tips on how to make your eyes look more rested than they may actually be...
4 Easy Makeup Tricks to Camouflage Tired Eyes

See our tricks to get your eyes looking awake and well-rested -- even if you're not

4 Easy Makeup Tricks to Camouflage Tired Eyes

This is a makeup tips article

Does clocking in a full eight hours of sleep feel like a pipe dream these days? Whether you drank too much eggnog at last night's holiday party, or your baby refused to fall asleep, these easy makeup tricks will help cover up puffy, tired eyes. Coffee will do the rest.

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