Tuesday, March 20, 2012

currently loving...the website edition

there are so many things to love when it comes to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. from new collections and collaborations, to the latest color palettes and design ideas, there's so much online to see and read and it's so inspiring...

at the same time, i confess, it sometimes overwhelms me. just the mere thought of all the info that exists on one lone topic out there is beyond my imagination! sometimes i find myself thinking, why didn't i think of doing that?, or i wish my blog was more like xyz's, and when i do, i have to take a step back...

in doing this, i allow myself to either unplug completely or limit my time online. blogs and websites are to be enjoyed; exploring and appreciating {rather than comparing myself to} what others have to share, makes for a better blog/website visit.

if you're a blogger {or any other creative type for that matter}, you know what i mean, right? :)

we all have something fabulous to share and can all contribute our view of the the things we love and want to talk about.

{i love this fun hairstyle...find out how to do it yourself }

all of this rambling is to say that the following are just a handful of sites that share fabulous style & beauty inspiration, encourage creativity and celebrate the beautiful things in life that we all find pleasure in...

please visit them very soon and enjoy!!

The Glitter Guide {i also j'adore the site's founding editor, Taylor Sterling's blog, Sterling Style
79 Ideas
Lace & Tea
The Beauty Department
A Girl, A Style
Beeyond Yoga
Design Seeds

tell me: what are some of your favorite blogs and websites to visit?

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Cathy of Under Eye Cream said...

Nice! What a beautiful braid. ♥