Monday, April 16, 2012

april instagram challenges ~ week 2

hello, beauties! hope you enjoyed a splendid weekend. for me it marked the end of my kids' 2-week spring break. i enjoyed having them home, playing games, doing crafts {one of which was actually a homework assignment for my daughter's science class}, reading, watching movies and savoring the low key days. we relished the final days of being off, but they were excited for getting back to school today, to see their teachers, and of course to catch up with their friends. i don't blame them, i was the same when i was their age!

i also wrapped up week two of my photo challenges, and just like the first week, i enjoyed sharing my own take on the suggested images.

take a look...

#photoadayapril included a younger me, cold, where i ate breakfast {first image at top}, stairs, something i found, how i felt today and sunset...

cosmetic brand, perfume, clutch, gold jewelry, arm party, stripes and red lips made up the second week of #aprilfashion...

and #30daysofbeautyapril had me take pics of blush, day makeup look, carry in handbag, night skincare routine, eye makeup, night makeup products and inside my shower.

needless to say, i'm loving these photo challenges!  

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pics taken by me :)

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