Wednesday, April 11, 2012

review: Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation

to give skin smooth-looking, flawless texture it's the base that will give you the best result...

i'm no stranger to foundation {i've used my share in 32 years!}, and though i've found my holy grail, i've been using the new Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation for the past few weeks...

the formula feels light on my skin, blends well and is buildable in coverage. it promises up to 8 hours of wear and actually went beyond that {i did use a primer and makeup setting spray} under average wear. it contains skin-loving antioxidants, and because of its non-drying, oil-free ingredients, is great for most skin types.

the overall finish of Supreme is beautiful. it did streak when faced with moisture {in the form of sweat and tears from laughing or crying}, but it doesn't claim to stand up against any elements, so that was easy to get over. it doesn't contain spf, and unfortunately, i did have to mix two shades to create my perfect match...

the brand was gracious enough to send me two of their dark shades, Sunset Beige and Toffee Bronze. i did find the lighter shade {Sunset Beige} was better, if i had to choose one, but blending them together was best. since this line is permanent, i'm hoping more shades will be added {at least one shade between Sunset and Toffee, please :)} to fill in the gaps.

no, this isn't a perfect foundation, but i still think it's good. if you can find the shade best suited for you, it's definitely worth giving a try. of course, you can always get a sample first {from Sephora or your nearest Laura Mercier counter}.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme is available now. visit for more info!

product featured provided by brand for review consideration; pics taken my me :)

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