Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Expert Tips for Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

actresses Rachel Bilson and Vera Farmiga flaunt glowing complexions every time they step onto the red carpet. these ladies regularly turn to Dr. Debra Jaliman, board-certified dermatologist {and author of the new book, Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist} to keep their skin in top shape.

i'm happy to say that i have 5 tips from the doctor herself, so you and i can also achieving celeb-worthy skin! and because i feel it's my beauty-loving duty, i'll add my "two-cents" with product suggestions. enjoy...

tip #1: remove makeup before going to sleep ~ Dr. Jaliman says, "i cannot emphasize this enough: never go to bed without cleansing your face. if you don't, the results will be clogged pores and breakouts. if you’re really too exhausted to wash your face with water and cleanser, at least have cleansing pads by your bed and use them to wipe makeup off."

cleansing wipes are a must-have for any beauty girl! my faves include MAC Wipes and Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes.

tip #2: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate ~ "even the best skin in the world will look dull if it's not well exfoliated. you can exfoliate on a daily basis with your cotton washcloth or a disposable cotton pad and a cleanser. if you have normal or oily skin, in addition to your daily exfoliation, once or twice a week use something stronger, like a scrub with fine granules or microspheres," advises Dr. Jaliman.

this couldn't be more true! for my oily skin i use a washcloth daily and reach for ExfoliKate by Kate Somerville for more intense exfoliation 2-3 times a week.

tip #3: the wrong makeup can make acne worse ~ "people with acne cannot use heavy foundations and oily concealers, period. i've had several celebrity clients whose acne did not clear up until i personally spoke to their makeup artists -- all that heavy TV makeup was ruining my carefully prescribed skincare regimen. every major makeup company now makes oil-free and non-comedogenic foundations. people with very oily skin can use mineral foundations, which keep skin matte longer."

when it comes to mineral makeup, i love BareMinerals and CoverFX, but i recently started using a powder foundation from a brand called Mia Mariu. they offer fabulous botanical products and a full line of mineral color cosmetics {i'll be featuring my experience soon}.

tip #4: don't wait until wrinkles appear to start using anti-aging products ~ "collagen production starts decreasing in the late twenties, so that's when people should start using retinols, antioxidants and collagen boosters, especially around the eyes," says Jaliman.

when it come to skincare, prevention is always the best {i have my mom to thank for that knowledge}. though, i admit, i thought it was a little silly to begin using anti-aging products when i had no wrinkles in my mid-twenties, but i am definitely glad i did {still no wrinkles at 32!}. when it comes to anti-aging products, my go-to products come from Estee Lauder and L'Oreal.

tip #5: store your makeup and skincare in the fridge ~ ;"the warm, steamy environment of the bathroom makes products deteriorate faster. if you have very expensive creams or have bought several jars of lipsticks that you don't use every day, keep them in the fridge for best results," recommends Dr. Jaliman.

i love this tip! for eye creams, the cold temp of any formula on the skin will help decrease any puffiness; for face creams, especially since it's summer, this makes for a refreshing treat.

hope these tips have taught you something new-- many thanks to Dr. Jaliman! visit her website and stay tuned -- i'll be bringing you my thoughts on her book, Skin Rules soon.

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