Saturday, July 21, 2012

currently loving...

happy saturday, beauties! hope you're enjoying your summer. it's been a fabulous mix of busyness and relaxing in my life these days...

because my kids home for summer break, there's obviously more to do {more meals to cook, laundry and dishes to wash, messes to clean up}. so i'm never without something to do in that respect. thankfully, they help out with those chores and the like, but can keep themselves occupied doing the things they enjoy when we hang at home for the day and it's just too hot to play outside.

with regard to relaxing, i'm still an early riser {i prefer to do my daily workouts before the fam wakes up and there's nothing more fabulous than watching the sky wake up while out on a run}, but i've grown to appreciate the slower-paced mornings {no school!}. i've been watching lots of movies and tv shows {many thanks to Netflix streaming service, the library and my cable's VOD}, reading, and of course, cooling off in the pool.

this past week i've relished cooler temps {though still hot, don't get me wrong!}, discovering new music via NPR's podcast and website, All Songs Considered, and using some fabulous beauty products...

Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Overnight Treatment Crème* makes split ends virtually disappear, allowing me to extend time between salon trims. this has definitely saved me some moolah! in addition to giving beautiful overnight results {no residue or stickiness} over the past few months of using it {about twice a week}, my hair has benefited from its rich, conditioning formula.

since i can't always avoid spending time outside mark No Place to Run Longwear Eyeliner* is perfect. during hot summer days when makeup can literally melt off {not pretty!}, this eye-defining gem lines smoothly and blends well, but when it sets, it stays there all day.

in the fragrance department i've been wearing an old favorite: Mark Jacobs Daisy. i wore it a lot last summer, too. it's bright, cheery and feminine; just the sort of scent to put a smile on any face. i prefer it in rollerball form-- easy to apply where i want it and travels well.

do tell! what beauty goodies are you currently loving?

*products sent to me for review consideration; pics taken my me :)

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Pink Sith said...

I am also currently loving the Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Overnight Treatment Creme. It has really made a difference in the look and quality of my hair. I never thought a product could do what it does, but it works!