Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Portia de Rossi uses Jurlique to prep skin for new season of 'Arrested Development'

summer has officially begun ~ hope you enjoyed your memorial day weekend, beauties!

i spent it unpacking and settling into a new home with my family. true, it was a bit stressful, but i still relished lots of yoga, savored meals outside {thankful for beautiful weather!}, and energized along the  refreshing morning walks with my dog, exploring our new neighborhood.

you may have spent your time by the pool or at the beach with friends and family; did you do any grilling? or perhaps you went to the movies...

or maybe you spent some time watching the much-anticipated return of Arrested Development! thanks to Netflix, the Bluth family returned after being away for 7 years...

clockwise, from left: Netflix/AD promo; de Rossi on GMA; on the red carpet for AD premiere {4.29.13}

while that's all well and good {who doesn't love a comeback?}, i was excited to learn that one of my favorite brands was used to prep the  skin of Portia de Rossi prior to filming the new season. lead makeup artist, Stephanie Coffey, requested plenty of Jurlique for the AD star {who portrays the character Lindsay Fünke}, also a huge fan of the brand. Portia stocked up on two great products to keep herself looking lovely during filming and beyond...

so which products did Portia use to get her skin looking fab?

before makeup, she used Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist {pictured, at top}, a daily hydrating mist that keeps skin soft and supple. it features the relaxing scent of rose, and the ingredients {including aloe vera and marshmallow}, aid in restoring and hydrating the complexion. 

for added moisture that never irritates,  Portia relied on Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus with Antioxidant Complex Moisturizing Cream; packed with high-performance ingredients {green tea, grape seed, rose hip, and soy proteins} this moisturizing cream provides the dual benefits of hydration and antioxidant protection.

both of these are gorgeous products ~ they pamper skin and i highly recommend them for keeping skin hydrated as you head into the warm, sunny months. visit jurlique.com for more info and find out where to buy.

info and product images courtesy of CMM PR; netflix promo via zimbio.com

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Millie said...

I've tried Jurlique rosewater mist before and it does work well. Interesting to see other celebrities endorsing the product.