Monday, December 23, 2013

holiday musings...

happy holidays to you and yours, beauties! hope you're enjoying a pleasant day and not stressing out too much over all the last minute stuff you may be doing before christmas.

today is the first day of the 3 week winter break for my kids, so i'm loving the excitement that's buzzing all around ~ they're absolutely giddy over getting presents soon…

those will come soon enough…

i personally find the days leading up to christmas to be a bit strange. on one hand, i can't wait! there's nothing better than watching my not-babies-anymore babies speculate as to what their gift{s} could be, as paper is ripped, and then seeing the bright eyed cheer that covers their faces once it's discovered that something they had been wishing for is finally theirs, is priceless. 

on the other hand, once the day is over, that's it.

no more anticipation from them. no more teasing from my love {their dad} over giving them gifts they certainly don't want {like historical documentaries on dvd, LOL}; no more wondering if i remembered everything and everyone i wanted to get gifts for…

i know i'm not the only one with these feelings, but it always seems to be the case. every year. 

oh well, it is what is is and i choose to embrace the experience. :)

oh, and there's another big event that happens this time of birthday!!

 it's on the 30th, just five days after christmas.

funny thing is that since i can remember, i've always had a bit of a nervous feeling about it. i think it started right before turning 10 that i can recall the feelings i experienced the days leading up to it: the fluttering of butterflies in my stomach growing strong each day.pair that along with questions like what will this next age be like? what will change? will it be better? will i feel different, look different, act different, sound different?? 

how silly is that?
i mean seriously, what kid thinks like that? oh well...

since i'm going to be 34, and every year is always different, i'm going to do what i've been doing {and have been practicing with much more mindfulness especially over these last 2 or 3 years} for this season:

take each day as it comes {bonjour, new day!}. 
be thankful for what i have {a loving husband who is also my best friend; beautiful, healthy kids; a warm home, a bed to sleep in and food to eat}. 
cherish even the smallest, most mundane things {yes, even housework}. 

in any case, i'm hoping your holiday will be fabulous! while this is a sentimental and stressful time of year, it's my wish for you to enjoy it. celebrate! have fun! i'm truly thankful for another crazy year. no doubt it's taught you many things. i know i've learned a lot! 

so, again, happy holidays to you!
and thanks for letting me ramble...


picture taken and created by me :)

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