Friday, January 10, 2014

budget beauty: Olay Fresh Effects {S'Wipe Out!} Refreshing Makeup Removal Cloths

when you want to quickly take off your makeup {because it's late or you're seriously tired}, and know how bad it would be to sleep in it, i'd like to suggest you consider the Olay Fresh Effects {S'Wipe Out!} Refreshing Makeup Removal Cloths ~ they've been quite fabulous for me to use in the past few weeks... 

these special pre-moistened cloths help to lift away dirt and makeup and are effective even when it comes to removing tough-to-remove waterproof mascara; infused with Olay's signature moisture and vitamin E complex, i think these wipes do a good job removing most of my makeup. i say most because these don't leave my skin completely clean. i think this has to do with the fact that i typically wear a full face of makeup and my foundation is a long-wearing formula. so...there isn't really a cleansing cloth that is absolutely a one-step cleanser for me.

the way i like to use these wipes is as a "first cleanse" ~ removing my eye makeup and all other products that i've had on my face that day. one cloth aids in taking off  a lot of my makeup, but like i said, it doesn't take it all off. it does help in leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth, though ~ no dryness or tight feeling in the slightest. i love the smell, and of  course, the convenience of it is splendid.

compared to other wipes i currently use and have tried in the past {Neutrogena Makeup Removal Cleansing Towelettes are my favorite from the drugstore; i wrote about them hereway back when…maybe time for an update??!}, these rank very high on my list of makeup removers.

i recommend you try these Olay S'Wipe Out! makeup removal cloths for yourself! they can be found at your local drug and mass retail stores. visit for more info.

product featured sent to me for review consideration; i was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own; pic taken by me :)

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