Friday, January 3, 2014

frugal fashion: my $24 ensemble

bonjour, beauties!

i don't know about you, but j'aime faire des emplettes {i love to shop}. believe it or not, it's not something i actually do frequently. i mean, i do shop, but it's always for pesky things…food…cleaning supplies...household items…you know, all the things i need to keep my home functioning…

totally kidding! all of those things are {obviously} necessary...

in any case, when it comes to shopping for clothes, i'm always one for a fabulous deal. i also need what i buy to be of quality. that's why i love shopping at lower-priced stores {TJ Maxx, Forever 21, H&M} and thrift shops. in these places i get a great bargain without sacrificing style, find unique pieces, and save a ton of money!

what i wore this past wednesday is the perfect example…

fyi, i have to say that the idea for this post came while i was waiting for my doctor {they always take so long, don't they? LOL}, so please forgive that i have no actual head-to-toe image and the pics aren't the best...

for the jeans {$10Forever 21}, top, jacket and shoes {$3, $9, $2, all found at my local thrift shop}, i spent a total of $24.

amazing, right?! 
yep, i'm quite pleased with myself for this… ;)
but it is possible. and if your new year's resolution is to save money, shoes and clothing are definitely things that you can save on. sometimes it may take some searching, but trust me, when you find items you love to wear you'll feel so proud, not to mention look fabulous {i know i do!}! :)

tell me: how do you save money on things you love? share in the comments!

all items my own; pics taken by me :)

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