Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new solutions for 2014 resolutions

2014 is hours away, so i'm sure you've been thinking about your resolutions in the past few days, if not weeks…

and because there are many resolutions, i want to focus on some of the most common and encourage you to consider, if any are relevant to you, a more positive way for creating new practices and/or turning those hard-to-break habits into things that are more manageable and under your control.

for example…

 want to quit biting your nails?
purchase a gift card for your local nail salon and get a manicure every week. you may find it less tempting when you invest money to have your hands pampered and to ruin such gorgeous looking tips!

want to get more organized?
set your timer for 10 minutes and start clearing out a small drawer. don't stop until the timer goes off and when it does, walk away {chances are you won't want to. so by all means, continue if you have the time, but if you don't pat yourself on the back, and move on with your day}. do this daily and you're that much closer to your decluttering goal.

see? many "bad" habits can be transformed into beneficial-for-you habits, and new practices can be developed with a little help. remember to try and resist the need to put a ton of pressure on yourself to change all at once {it's the perfect setup for failure}, and with time, consistency and diligence, you'll look and feel better about yourself and your accomplishments!

 let's look at more ways to change the way we approach those common resolutions...

cut out coffee:
 it’s not an easy fete to give up coffee. so when you're trying to cut back, create a new fix with the nyakio Kenyan Coffee Collection, a naturally energizing and exfoliating skincare range. the collection contains a perfectly-balanced face polish and body scrub that promises to reveal fresh, more youthful-looking skin and provide antioxidant benefits. cheers!

rock a new look:
even the curling iron novice can create sexy, glamorous curls that will turn heads! try the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret ~ the Curl Secret automatically draws hair into its curl chamber, heats it from all sides, and beeps to let you know when to release perfect, bouncy, long-lasting curls. the results come with no more burns from an exposed heat element, no more struggling to wrap hair around a barrel, the Curl Secret does the work for you.

read more books:
 to make reading easy, consider a membership to Scribd, an eBook subscription service featuring more than 100,000 books, including bestselling and new release titles. at just $8.99 per month, Scribd is available across all Apple and Android phones, tablets and laptop/desktop computers, so you can read most anywhere! by the way, the first month is free!!

save money:
download Shopular, a free app that automatically pushes relevant deals to your device as soon as you walk into your favorite retailer or mall, and never pay retail or clip a coupon again! with over 40,000 locations around the country, Shopular's database contains popular stores, including Lord and Taylor, Home Depot, Sephora, and CVS, among others, addressing all of your shopping needs at a discount. love that!

commit to a new workout routine:
i'm all about overall health, and workouts are definitely part of that equation. at Opensky.com you'll find everything from comfortable and fashionable work out gear to the latest workout DVDs and equipment! oh, and i'm thrilled to report that it's a social shopping marketplace. you can help people discover, buy and share unique goods that match their individual taste, and you as a buyer can connect with merchants and friends directly.

keep in touch more:
it's always my intention to stay in touch with friends and family, but life tends to get in the way. Skype is an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family throughout the year. thanks to unlimited worldwide calling, group video calls and screen sharing, connecting with loved ones every day is not just easy but also inexpensive {and that encourages the saving money habit, so it's win-win!}.

give up sweets:
indulge in sweets sans calories with one of my favorite brands, Laura Mercier. inspired by the aromas of french patisseries, Laura Mercier has created the seductive, warm and comforting Crème Brûlée collection, featuring a blend of gourmande ingredients {including succulent notes of warm caramel, spun sugar and french vanilla bean} for a sensual and enchanting experience. delish without the guilt…yum!

what are your resolutions? share in the comments!

here's to a fabulous new year!

info and images courtesy of respected brands featured

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