Monday, September 22, 2014

hair therapy: mixing and matching my Infusium 23 shampoo and conditioner

Infusium 23 always takes me back to my childhood. my mom used the original leave-in treatment herself, so naturally, she used it on my hair, passing on the benefits to my tresses. i've continued to use it on and off though my lifetime and it's the best

now there are collections in the brand that include shampoos and conditioners that focus on repairing and keeping hair looking fab.

Infusium 23's Moisture Replensher Shampoo {with avocado and olive oil} and Repair & Renew  Conditioner {with argan oils and keratin} were sent to me to try and using them together proved that it's ok to mix and match shampoos and conditioners from different lines. after the first time i used it, i noticed a huge difference in my hair, especially after styling; my hair was shiny, soft and looked incredible. being that my hair has been so frail for the past couple of years {personal health issues to blame}, this is nothing short of thrilling to me.

every Infusium 23 collection boasts unique ingredients that address specific hair issues. the Moisture Replenisher and Repair & Renew collections both contain pro-vitamins, proteins and amino acids to strengthen, moisturize and treat even the most stressed hair. the Moisture Replenisher range focuses on helping thirsty hair regain hydration and strength; the Repair & Renew products strengthen and add vibrancy and shine.

i love these haircare gems not only for the results, but also the price. you may also know that you can find them everywhere, from Target to the grocery store, so there's no excuse not to have fabulous looking hair. :)

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products featured sent to me for review consideration; pics taken by me :)

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