Monday, October 6, 2014

skincare review: Murad Transforming Powder

bonjour, beauties ~ hope you're doing well...

i've been relishing some fab skincare goodies as of late, including this new one from Murad.

the powerhouse brand has expanded its arsenal of acne products thanks to the recent release of its first-ever powder cleanser, Transforming Powder. this water-activated cleanser provides the ideal amount of exfoliation to help blemish-prone skin get {and stay} clear but without the risk of irritation.

this dual-action powder is formulated with exfoliating bio-enzymes and dissolving jojoba beads to quickly transform from an exfoliating scrub into a light, foaming cleanser with the addition of water. the enzymes aid in breaking down oil, dirt and dead skin cells, but unlike other exfoliators, is super gentle and rinses away easily.

  over-exfoliation can be a problem, and especially so if if you have acne-prone skin. this is, as i've already mentioned, really kind to my skin. other ingredients {pumpkin seed extract and salicylic acid} work to keep pores clear, manage oil production and encourage cell turnover, a fab benefit for keeping skin looking youthful as well!

so, it's another win for Murad! i've really enjoyed the last few products sent to me to try. are you a fan of Murad products? what are your faves?

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product featured sent to me for review consideration; pics taken by me :)

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