Tuesday, May 20, 2008

H2Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

the H2Pro Ceramic Flat Iron is a flat iron available through the online beauty supply website, Misikko.

at 1 1/4" this flat iron is slightly larger than my usual flat iron of 1", so i expected to get a different result when i curled my hair with it.

finding the temperature gage was variable (140 to 450 degrees F), i assumed that i should use the highest degree for my thick coarse hair. i was right. i tried it at 350degrees, and it just needed to be hotter. so on i went, using it for the next week...

i definitely got a different result, and it was fabulous! my curls were larger, looser, and my hair kept it's usual bounce and shine. i took it with me to the blogger summit over the weekend, and received many compliments on my hair! loving the results myself, and receiving these compliments was very reassuring.

i think that there is always doubt when trying something new. i recommend going into anything-- especially similar products-- with an open mind and unbiased thoughts. also, give it time- it's the only way to really know if you will like something. i did my best to do this with the H2Pro. i have been using the same brand flat iron for the last three years! i now appreciate that i can create different looks...

i think if you use a flat iron, you would really like this one. i don't know if you use your flat iron to straighten, curl or flip your hair, but if you're looking for a great new flat iron, absolutely try this one.

the H2Pro can be found at Misikko.com


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Jamie said...

Any flat iron that curls your hair so well definitely gets my vote! You still have to teach me that trick! :)