Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lisa Hoffman Skincare

Lisa Hoffman Skincare was created by Lisa Hoffman (yes, Dustin's wife) to help women achieve great skin and still have the ability to take it with them for travel.

i went to L.A. this past weekend, and i had to pack all of my facial products in such a way that they would travel well. it wasn't easy, but i figured it out. if it had been possible, i would have shrunk everything to a smaller size!

Lisa Hoffman had this same issue before she created her skincare line. she desired a better way to pack her skincare to travel with her. so she designed her packaging two ways: for home and for travel.

whether you are a frequent traveler or just a woman "on-the-go", traditional skincare packaging consisting of large jars or bottles can be inconvenient and ungainly, and can make maintaining a high quality skin care regimen a hassle. the Night & Day skincare packettes make skincare portable so that it is easy to throw in your handbag, glove compartment, desk drawer, or overnight bag.

such a fabulous innovative line, Lisa Hoffman Skincare creates the best of two worlds. now we don't have to decide what products to take when we have somewhere to go. just take it all!

stay tuned for my review of the Spa Facial Packette...


photo: LisaHoffmanSkincare.com

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