Saturday, July 5, 2008

look of the day: the fabulous ponytail

you may think that wearing a ponytail is a way to get your hair out of your face, or a quick, low-maintenance hairstyle.

well, if you do it right, the ponytail can not only be an easy style, but it can be chic and sexy, too. and what's even better: you can wear it for a night out.

whether it is worn on the side or in a more traditional way, give your ponytail an upgrade!

use some products, give yourself a little tease (don't go there...), and keep in mind that ponytails are most modern when worn lower at the back of your head or nape of your neck.

here is some ponytail inspiration


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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

This is why I'm trying to grow out my hair! Thanks Monique! : D