Monday, July 28, 2008

review: Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturizer

i say it all the time, hydration is important.

no matter what your age, hydration is the key to keeping skin looking it's best. Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturizer works to give you the hydration you need...

i love the pump-top of the jar that keeps the moisturizer sanitary. this design means i don't ever have to dig my fingers into that!

and speaking of the jar, can it be a prettier color? (oh sorry, i have Friends on the brain) yes, i am partial to pink, and i know it is what's on the inside that counts, but i have to tell you, this looks amazing on the bathroom sink. what girl can resist a pretty package?

all of that aside, this is a great moisturizer. it absorbs quickly, smells wonderful and gives my skin what it needs. and like all of her skincare items, Kate Somerville Nourish aims to give you your best feeling and looking skin.

visit for more information, and to discover the entire line of Kate Somerville products.


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