Tuesday, February 10, 2009

review: Gillette Venus Embrace

the Gillette Venus Embrace has five blades, glides smoothly over my legs, and i love the way it leaves my legs feeling so smooth.

i shared just a few days ago that i prefer to use mens' razors-- my favorite is the Gillette Fusion-- so this is the first razor for women that i really actually like. one reason being that this didn't disappoint me with all of its big claims (smooth legs, easy to use, etc.).

the Embrace easily adjusts and pivots over my knees and ankles without leaving any nicks or irritation, and the handle is very comfortable. i like that it comes with its own holder (called a ShowerPod) with suction cup attachments for convenient razor and blade storage. so if i want to change the blade, and forget to do it before i get into the shower, there's one already there.

if you haven't already tried the Venus Embrace, i highly recommend it. pick it up at a drugstore near you or online at drugstore.com



All Terrain said...

I actually don't like this razor at all! I'm an avid Venus Breeze user and picked up the embrace one week because it was on sale. I had to keep going over the same spot several times on my legs! I will stick with the Venus Breeze.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I've tried them all -the Embrace that has 5 blades, the Breeze that only has 3 blades and all the rest of the latest and greatest. They are all ok - but none are as good as the new Diva 6 blade razor with real shaving cream inside the handle. The shaving cream that comes out is thick and spreads nice and the blades are increadibly smooth. The Diva's blade head is much thinner than the other razors mentioned, I'd even say less than 1/2 as wide even so you can shave everwhere you want to without switching to a different razor. You can't beat real shaving cream for the best shaving and Diva's all-in-one design is so convenient and really cool. In my opinion the Diva is by far the best new razor out there. Try it, you'll see. It costs a lot less too.