Wednesday, April 22, 2009

green beauty: RAWSkincare Ambiaty Concetrated Serum

RAW Natural Beauty is a line of green products specializing in purely natural, high-performance products. each product is carefully formulated from innovative plant complexes grown in regions across the world that offer multiple skin-enhancing benefits. their RAWSkincare line produces one of my favorite serums--Ambiaty Concentrated Serum.

Ambiaty Concentrated Serum is a serum that not only that targets lines and deep wrinkles, but it helps prevent further skin aging by supporting healthy collagen production. infused with natural botanicals, it has a smooth, silky texture that always leaves me loving the way my skin not only looks, but feels. antioxidants help protect my skin from free radical damage and premature aging (woo-hoo!), and my keeps skin looking healthy and fabulously radiant.

visit to discover more about this luxurious line of green beauty products.


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