Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on My ShoeDazzle Shoe Choice

first of all, i have to say thank you so much for voting on what shoe you thought i should chose form the fabulous new shoe site, ShoeDazzle!

so here's what happened thus far-- i made my choice a few days after posting the poll. shoe #1 was my choice (click here to see the choices), but i received an email a week later telling me my choice was out of stock, and not going to be re-stocked (le sigh...).

i then decided i would ask for more shoes suggestions to be sent, since i wasn't too thrilled with the other shoes, and they quickly sent more choices-- very good!

i ended up choosing this shoe, suggested by Kim-- it's called Naimah, and looks just like Loki (pair #3), but in neutral tones. now i wait...

hopefully, the shoes will fit and can wear them happily. :)

stay tuned to find out!



JD said...

That is the shoe that I picked too! I made my selection last week and have not received shipping notice or anything. I was thinking about this before work this morning and wondered if you had gotten yours and whether they fit. Can't wait to get mine!

monique said...

JD-- how cool! you should be getting them soon! i'm excited to see how it works out-- hopefully good. i will definitely be posting about the fit, how they were delivered, etc.

be sure to come back and tell me about your experience as well! :)

Nicole said...

I am loving SD so far! Can't wait to get more selections next month! Love the shoes that you ordered - maybe I'll get them in my next showroom.

Christina said...

Hi! I am also a membr of ShoeDazzle and I just chose my first pair of shoes to receive. I LOVE the choice you made!

You can check out my blog to see the choices I had. I chose #4 on my blog. Too Cute!