Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Help Me Choose My Shoes From ShoeDazzle!

remember the fabulous shoe site, ShoeDazzle.com, i shared with you last week? well, i've received the picks from the stylists, but-- as i dreaded-- i can't decide!

here are the shoes selected for me...

pair #1

pair #2

pair #3

pair #4

pair #5

do you see my dilemma? so, i'm asking, pretty please, will you take a moment to vote on the pair you think i should choose?* thanks! :)

*your votes will be used to help me narrow down my shoe selection. votes will not determine my absolute choice. i'll be sure to let you know which ones i pick!

1 comment:

Meg said...

I really like them all, thing is, not sure if you are looking for something sandal-inspired or a heel, if you are going for a sandal I choose Pair #1, if you are going for the heel, then Pair #3 - you can never go wrong with black and blue in my fashion book.

Cheers & can't wait to see what you have chosen!