Monday, May 11, 2009

review: Rx for Brown Skin Skin-Evening Body Lotion

it is my philosophy that if you're going to invest the time and energy into making the skin on your face look as healthy and radiant as possible, then it shouldn't be such a chore to do the same for the skin on your body (wouldn't you agree?). Rx for Brown Skin Skin Evening Body Lotion is formulated to even skintone, while hydrating and leaving skin feeling soft.

using encapsulated multi-vitamin and antioxidants, Skin -Evening Body Lotion helps protect against inflammation, repairs pigment-forming cells, and maintains the skin's natural tone. skin appears radiant and even as the appearance of discoloration and dark spots improves.

this is definitely a multi-tasking product, and i love it! my skin always feels so soft after using it, and the more i use it, the better my skin looks. the creamy texture is so light, absorbs quickly, doesn't irritate my skin after i shave my legs, and leaves my skin with a soft shimmer (it's not an obnoxious glittery look, but if you look closely, or are out in the sun, you can see the particles). for this reason, i typically only use it during the day.

Rx for Brown Skin Skin Evening Body Lotion comes in a vanilla-citrus scent (love!) and can be found in Sephora stores and online at


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