Thursday, July 2, 2009

I want this: Banana Republic Abstract Ruffle Wrap Dress

my love of dresses is something that gets noticed frequently. my neighbor commented the other day to her cousin that i "don't dress normal". i had to laugh of course-- how silly! i happened to be wearing what i thought was very normal: a jersey knit dress. what can i say, i can't help it. i love the ease of a dress, and how it always makes me look put together. it's also my only option, other than skirts, when it's hot. i'm not a fan of shorts, and capris or burmudas aren't too high on my clothing food-chain either (i believe these are what my neighbor would refer to as "normal" items of clothing, LOL!).

in any case, i am loving this Banana Republic's Abstract Ruffle Wrap Dress . it's light and airy looking, a bright shade of fuchsia (the color is described as red peony on the website), and has enough ruffles to keep it uber-feminine.

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The Witch said...

Damn you, now I want it too! lol.

Hyzenthlay said...

Oh my goodness, that is a gorgeous dress! I want it too!

Unknown said...

Wow...your neighbor had some nerve! I would have found that offensive. Gorgeous dress though!

monique said...

Mittsie-- LOL! you're too funny! :)

Hyzenthlay-- definitely gorgeous-- hopefully i can get it!

BVB-- yeah, i could have been. it's not the first time someone has commented on me "always being dressed up", LOL! in the town i live it's very casual, and i'm practically surrounded by flip flops and shorts.