Monday, August 10, 2009

Kim Kardashian's Blonde Hair (yes, it's real this time)

Kim Kardashian actually took the plunge and had her hair highlighted blonde. she revealed her new look, via her Twitter page and website, but this time it's real (click here if you have no idea what i'm referring to). lighter tresses and strands of golden blonde highlights have taken over the once raven-haired beauty. she made her first appearance with her new color at the taping of the 2009 Teen Choice Awards yesterday. i think she looks great-- it's very "summer" and really compliments her bronzed skin-- but i'm hoping she will go back to her natural color come fall.

what do you think? do you prefer Kim K as a blonde or as a brunette?



Aquaheart said...

I love her with dark hair!! haha :D

Robyn @ said...

It's fun to change things up, but I do prefer her with dark hair.