Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get Gorgeous: ELLE's 'Make Better' Challenge

ELLE magazine has given the traditional "makeover" a makeover and recently launched it's 'Make Better' program, a multiplatform initiative surrounding fitness, fashion and beauty. the Make Better program is a fabulous new outlook on how to approach fashion, beauty and fitness.

through small, simple, yet strategic adjustments to everyday life, big changes can be made. no more spending unnecessary time, money and energy on a new wardrobe, overhauling your closet or engaging in expensive beauty and fitness regimes.

you'll find info throughout the magazine this year and 3 exercise dvds have also been produced, starring model Brooklyn Decker. they can be purchased separately-- Elle Beauty Sculpt (interval-based, full-body workout), Cardio Body (improve your fitness level and tone up), and Workout Yoga (features two dynamic, progressive yoga routines)-- or in a set of three.

sounds fashionably healthy, don't you think? visit to start your 21 day Make Better challenge-- trust me, it's fun! through it you'll get organized and learn tips from the pros in all areas of fashion, beauty and fitness.

tell me: will you participating in the ELLE Make Better challenge?

info and images courtesy of ELLE

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