Friday, June 25, 2010

nail color of the week: Savvy Knightly Armour

on a recent visit to my local Sally Beauty, i found this beauty, Knightly Armour, by Savvy. it looks silver with a lavander tint in the bottle, but is very sheer when applied. with 3 coats i acheived a very pretty, shimmery-metallic finish. it's edgy but still delicate-- perfect for me.

i have never heard of this line before, but searched and found it to have good reviews. Knightly Armour is a new shade and the Savvy brand is exclusive to Sally Beauty.

pics taken by me :)

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Melany said...

That polish looks very pretty on your nails!

I saw these Savvy polishes at Sally's & the one I was really interested in is an orange shimmer called, "Magic Pumpkin."