Thursday, July 15, 2010

nail color of the week: Finger Paints My Art Belongs to You

pink is my absolute can't-live-without color. seeing it puts me in a good mood, even if i'm already in one. i just love it! this shade by Finger Paints, called My Art Belongs to You, is new from their summer collection. i love that it's not a typical bubblegum pink-- it has a hint of shimmer to it and it's bright and cheery without stepping into neon territory.

this is my first experience with Finger Paints, and i have to say, i'm really liking the way the formula applies. it wears very well and i love the bottle it comes in, too-- so cute! exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply, i'll definitely be picking up more colors from this brand to try in the future.

pics taken by me :)


Jamie said...

Gorgeous! That color looks great on you. And I love how shiny it is!

Anonymous said...

You have to know I love PINK! (Libby's Pink Vanity!! ;) ) And I must say, that pink is rockin' on you!! It is a 'happy' pink. I love Finger Paints. :)

monique said...

thanks Jamie! :) it's a great pink!

LPV-- thanks-- who couldn't love pink?!! ;)