Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hair therapy: InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightener

you may have seen the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightener on tv or in a local store. i know the first time i saw it on an infomercial (about a year ago), i thought it looked like a good product that could work well on my hair.

when it comes to doing my own hair, i have styling down to 45 minutes (that's from just-washed, towel-dried to finished). this, of course, has taken me years to master. when given the opportunity to try the InStyler on my hair, i was excited to try something new.

it definitely took some getting used to.

in terms of using it, i found the rotating barrel/brush easy enough to catch on to. it was the amount of time it took with each section of hair that left me feeling impatient. with this tool, it's important to keep a proper amount of tension between hair and the barrel, while also rolling it through hair at a slow pace.

sorry InStyler, but i didn't have time for this. after 30 minutes, i wasn't even halfway through my enough-hair-for-ten-people amount of hair, and i had things to do. after three more attempts on three different days (i really wanted this to work for me, beauties, i did), i have come to one conclusion...

the InStyler is best for those who have less hair and/or more time. or maybe i've been doing my hair with my flat iron for so long (using it to straighten or curl) that i haven't given it enough time. i will say that i do like using it for little touch-ups.

while this is my personal experience, my blogger pal Amber had a different one. she loves it (as i know many people do). to find out why, read her review here!

be sure to visit getinstyler.com for more info.

product featured sent to me for review consideration.

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Beauty Junkies Unite said...

Hey Monique!

Thanks for the linkback! I totally understand the sectioning issue. Even with my thin hair, if it's not sectioned nice & clean--this can be a difficult tool to use.