Monday, February 3, 2014

fitness expert Tracy Anderson shares her Bioelements faves

as a fan of both Tracy Anderson and the fabulous skin care brand, Bioelements, i was excited to learn that the two partnered up to bring health and wellness info from body to skin and beyond…

in a recent SkinReading blog post {that they've so graciously allowed me to share with you in its entirety, below}, Tracy {trainer to celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie and Molly Sims} shares her thoughts about the connection healthy living has on skin, as well as how Bioelements products complement her intense fitness regimen, causing an all around glow.

read on and enjoy!

*what's your philosophy when it comes to skin care?*
"it's so important to take care of your skin. i only use products that incorporate natural ingredients with the best of science and have a certain quality standard, which is why i love Bioelements."

*what are your favorite products?*
"Kerafole and Beyond Hydration"

*you've always stressed that food plays an integral part in transforming and maintaining your body ~ do you think it plays a part in how your skin looks and feels as well?*
"yes, absolutely! you are how you eat. you are how you move. you are how you care for yourself. what occurs on your skin is aligned with how you treat your health and what you put on your skin. the routine requires consistency and care just like anything else."

*what other daily habits do you feel contribute to healthy skin?*
"drinking water, not eating gluten, circulation which exercise is vital for, positive thoughts, managing stress well."

*what is your post-workout skin care routine? or, any post-workout skin care tips?*
"i love the Moisture Positive Cleanser post-workout because you just sweat and the skin is warm so it is great to clean while adding moisture. always wash your face and pile on the healthy skin care products post-workout. they really sink in and provide that healthy glow!"

*you've mentioned in the press that Bioelements Vitalization body creme is one of your travel must-haves - what are some tips you use to avoid skin issues that can come from frequent travel?*
"you got it ~ amazing moisturizer for your entire body. don’t rely on the items that may be at a destination for you. this is not the time to drop the ball with what works for your skin."

*you've transformed bodies all over the world with your approach to fitness, but are there any tips you've picked up from your clients that have contributed to your wellness ~ skin care or otherwise?* "lean into your own beauty. stop trying to look like other people. lines like Bioelements are vast and researched enough so that you can have that valuable custom approach. lean into that and give the products time to work with you. people are so willing to lose focus if they don't change the second they put something on their body. the body doesn't work that way and your beauty can’t shine under a constant state of self-criticism."

*now let's talk relaxation: what's your favorite spa service? how about your most-loved way to pamper at home?*
"that question makes me realize how much i need a vacation! give me a beautiful beach, great food, great wine, great people and i don’t even need a spa! i live for do-it-yourself products like an amazing Bioelements mask. then you can multitask!"

Tracy obviously has great taste in skincare ~ be sure to visit her website!

have you used Bioelements? read my past product reviews, and visit their website for more product info!

info and images courtesy of Bioelements

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