Thursday, May 8, 2014

mother's day beauty: industry pros share their favorite tips & tricks

some advice moms give their children may go unnoticed, but sometimes they really do know best. just in time for mother's day, some very fabulous beauty industry pros have shared with me beauty tips and some words of beauty wisdom they received from their moms {and grandmothers} that highly influenced their success.

i'm loving the advice they shared, and think you will too! 
take a look…

before Charlotte Tilbury become an international makeup artist, she spent her childhood years on the island of ibiza with her parents, Patsy and Lance. what’s the best piece of advice that Patsy gave to her daughter? take your pick:

*lipstick gives instant glamour, so there is no excuse for not doing your makeup every morning.
*always protect your skin. growing up on an island, Charlotte’s mom always insisted that Charlotte use the best sunscreen available.
*moisturizer is important. not only for your face, but to prevent the aging of the hands as well.
*always wear high heels!

mother's day isn't just any other day for Miko and Titi Branch, the founders and CEOs of Miss Jessie’s. the company name itself pays tribute to their grandmother Jessie, better known as "Miss Jessie". Miko and Titi still take their beloved grandmother's teachings to heart:

*the importance of deep conditioning hair. Miss Jessie once created a softening, deep conditioning crème with an egg and mayonnaise.
*carefully blot curly, wet hair with a towel in downward motion. randomly drying hair can cause excess frizz that turns curly hair into a complete disaster.

Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON global colour ambassador, learned her beauty basics from her mother and grandmother.

*Katie's mom believed in the power of lipstick saying, "you never know who you’re going to meet!"
*her grandmother faithfully used L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray! to this day the smell still reminds Katie of her.

what's the best beauty advice or fave beauty tip that you've received from your mom or grandmother?

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