Wednesday, October 1, 2014

total beauty: fall beauty must-haves

this Total Beauty article {by Dawn Davis} offers a fabulous way to guarantee your fall season is enjoyable. this is especially so if you're the type who dislikes seeing summer end, and are not a fan of  the inevitable shorter days and cold temps that are to follow.

take a look a this list of beauty goodies and {hopefully} you'll discover there are plenty of fabulous things about the autumn season to be cheery about...

The beauty products we're fall-ing for this season

9 Best New Beauty Products We Want for Fall
This is a Health & Beauty article

It's time to accept that summer is over, and these fall-ready buys are here to help you deal. From a gorgeous purple (yes, purple!) lipstick to a wrinkle-busting serum, these are the best beauty product picks of the month.

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