Monday, January 28, 2008


i love sarah jessica parker--from her days on square pegs-- that i watched in reruns as a child, to l.a story (i love this kooky steve martin flick), and of course sex and the city. who doesn't love carrie bradshaw?

well, sjp is on the current issue of allure magazine looking amazing as always. she is such a personable celeb like reese witherspoon and julia roberts--i could easily see myself being friends with her. and if you didn't know, she has a great line called bitten that is affordable (nothing over $20) and chic. i have pieces that i wear all the time and can't believe that i didn't have to spend a fortune.

well, check out the interview in the mag as she discusses her new movie, her fashion line and the rise to being the superstar she is today. and in true allure fashion, a timeline through pictures of her career. it's amazing to see her metamorphosis!


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Tales of a Diva Housewife said...

Great blog. I love SJP - she's so cute.