Thursday, June 19, 2008

look of the day: sunglasses

it's summer, so naturally sunglasses would be in order!

sunglasses, like any accessory, should not only compliment your personal style, but should really compliment you. wearing shades that fit proportions of your face is just as important as finding clothing that fits properly.

find frames that fit your own face shape, don't buy them just because they're the hottest style.

if your face is square, curved oval or round frames with long lenses soften angles. avoid any frames that are square or rectangle.

for heart-shaped faces, frames that have a dip between the eyes break up the the width of the forehead. avoid styles that have hard hard horizontals across the top and pointed bottoms.

round-faced gals look fabulous in angular frames. square, rectangle and sunglasses with high temples will flatter you. avoid round and curved styles.

long faces require wide frames to create the illusion of less length. ovals oversized round and aviators are great options. avoid vertical lines and sharp angles.

oval-shaped faces are fortunate enough to be able to wear any style! experiment with different shapes and sizes.

sunglasses are so important for protecting your eyes year-round, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with them! so, do just that, and as always, be fabulous!


source: people style watch

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Anonymous said...

I like your general rules about which kind of faces go with what pairs of sunglasses, but for me, it seems like the only thing I can do is try on about 2.37 million pairs, and then decide from there.

Some styles just seem to work for a lot of people, like the aviators, which is probably part of why so many people have them.

Nice blog.