Thursday, June 5, 2008

treat your skin to Bioelements Recovery Serum

Bioelements Recovery Serum, i admit, was a little scary for me to use at first. pumping the serum into my hands the first time had me thinking i was about to apply a big glob of oil on my face, and really i didn't need that! fortunately, i already knew a hollywood makeup artist uses it on many of her clients, and the information about what it does, who it's for, and that it's formulated with natural ingredients, no mineral oils or weird synthetic fragrances that can irritate skin. so, really i had nothing to be worried about. very good thing...

Bioelements, as i have told you in a previous post, creates high-end, botanically based skin care products, each expertly crafted with a blend of plant extracts, aromatherapy oils, trace minerals and other natural ingredients. the Recovery Serum contains cerimides to repair and strenthen, while cammomile and lavendin oil soothe and heal the skin.

Recovery Serum is perfect for individuals who have aging, rough textured, over-exfoliated, dehydrated or stressed skin. during the day it is a perfect product to apply after moisturizer, just before your makeup, as it creates a smooth surface and really helps makeup to last and look better longer. at night use it after all other skincare products, on the eye area and on the neck. you'll wake up with refreshed, well-hydrated skin!

i can say i am no longer afraid to apply this amazing serum! check it out today at


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