Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 Magazine Covers: Allure

any makeup fanatic looks forward to each and every issue of Allure magazine-- at least i know i do! while the covers this past year got to be a bit questionable (why, for example were they so enamored with the smokey eye/nude lip/side-swept hair?), it seems they got back on track and had beautiful covers in the end.

take a look:

january: Rihanna

february: Sarah Jessica Parker

march: Kate Beckinsale

april: Mariah Carey

may: Hilary Duff

june: Jessica Alba

july: Ali Larter

august: Victoria Beckham

september: Carrie Underwood

october: Ellen Pompeo

november: Eva Longoria-Parker

december: Scarlett Johansson

so, what cover is your favorite?



The LA Pretties said...

Great post! It's so cool to see all the similarities between the covers. I thought the Eva Longoria one looked so retro!

Love your blog, and check out ours,, when you have a chance!

The LA Pretties

Anonymous said...

I love all of the covers. But my favorite has to be the Rihanna one. Love my girl!