Tuesday, January 13, 2009

review: ME by Mezhgan Primer and Foundation

primer on one side, foundation on the other. that's how {ME} by Mezhgan Luminous {ME} Primer and Foundation are packaged. a fabulous idea, yes, but if you like one product and not the other, i'm not sure it's really worth buying.

i like to use primers simply because i know my makeup always lasts when i do. the ME primer is silky and makes my skin feel smooth. i had no problems as far a breakouts or irritation are concerned...

it was the foundation i didn't really care for. formulation-wise, its pretty good. my issue came in relation to the color. the dark color i used was too brown for me. ha! too brown...what does that mean, i am brown...

yes, i am brown (smile), but the color doesn't have any type of regard for the undertones in skin. actually, this brand only has four colors of foundation-- light, medium, tan and dark-- and that isn't going to cut it. with so many other products on the market that offer a huge range of shades for the consumer, and the fact that Mezhgan is a pro makeup artist, i honestly expected more.

i'm on the fence with this one. i like the primer...the foundation, ummmm...notsomuch. that's all.

{ME} by Mezhgan Luminous {ME} Primer and Foundation can be found at mebymezhgan.com


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