Thursday, March 27, 2014

celeb manicurist Skyy Hadley's simple pedicure tips for sandal-ready feet

bonjour, beauties…

 hope your week has been fabulous! i recently received a simple recipe and tips from Skyy Hadley {beauty expert, celebrity manicurist and owner of As “U” Wish Nail Spa in new jersey} for getting your feet pretty and sandal-ready as the weather warms up and knew you'd love the info, too.

these tips are simple and oh-so pampering, so i hope you'll take the time to give yourself a treat!

take a look...

Skyy Hadley
pedicure station at As U Wish salon

rehydrate and prevent your heels from cracking… 

to prep feet for the warmer months ahead, Skyy offers this milk bath recipe for adding moisture back into the heels and skin:

 1/2 cup hot water
1 cup of milk
a spoonful of sugar

mix together in a large bowl; soak feet for at least 10 minutes.

Skyy adds this tip: "working a foot scrub into your heels is a great way to remove dead skin. avoid using pumice stones since they trap bacteria and try using a diamond file instead." 

once feet are fully exfoliated, continue with your milk soak pedicure by rinsing and following with a non-greasy lotion {moisturizing products like shea butter, light oil, or vaseline can be used to moisturize the heels and help prevent cracking}. choose a fab color and paint your toes. if you have blisters, leave them for the professionals {you'll end up doing more harm than good if you try to pop them}.

ensure long-lasting color and shine…
Skyy says: "a clear top coat is your best friend. be sure to apply a top coat on the third day of your pedicure {or manicure}; never use a protein enriched and strengthener product together. using both will cause your polish to crack. try to only apply a nail protein to bare nails. apply a cuticle oil to the base of your toenails {or even when they are already polished}, focusing around the cuticle area to hydrate and bring moisture into the skin, helping the polish last longer."

how often to get a pedicure…
"you can never care for your feet too often," says Skyy, "but it isn’t necessary for weekly pedicures either. once every 2 weeks is sufficient during the warmer months."

many thanks to Skyy Hadley and her great tips ~ our feet will be ready for our favorite sandals in no time!

for more info about Skyy and As U Wish Salon, visit the salon website,

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