Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty Serum

finding skincare that is good for your skin and all natural is easier these days, and Jurlique has made sure their products are the best. the new Biodynamic Beauty range is a collection of the most good-for-your-skin products, and only include their better-than-organinc ingredients.

i have to be honest and say that any product that will give me a more even-toned appearance will always get my attention. it isn't all about wrinkles and bags under the eyes that make us look older, discoloration adds years, too.

my favorite of the whole Biodynamic Beauty line turns out to be the Beauty Serum. it is lightweight, absorbs quickly and has given my skin a bright, more glow-y appearance. licorice and black elder work to brighten and fade discoloration while beech tree buds, hibiscus and yeast help strengthen the skin. isn't nature fabulous?

when looking for natural beauty product, you can't get any better than biodynamic ingredients. so why not check out Jurlique? visit jurlique.com for more information


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