Monday, December 15, 2008

Is Whitney Port the New Carrie Bradshaw?

this title of Meet The New Carrie Bradshaw is seen on the cover of Page Six magazine, and the article featured goes on to examine how Whitney Port, the most unlikely 'Hills' character to have her own show has, indeed, ended up with her own show.

MTV's The City will follow Whit as she embarks on a new chapter in her life: moving to nyc working in public relations for DVF (Diane Von Furstenburg's clothing line), and her love life, which on The Hills, she always kept off-screen.

obvioulsy MTV thinks her show will be just a successful as The Hills, otherwise, why take the chance, right? time will tell...

read the article here.

what do you think? will you be watching The City? is Whitney really the new Carrie Bradshaw? let me know in the comments!



actionashleigh said...

I definitely wouldn't say that Whitney is the new Carrie Bradshaw, although I do like her. I just don't think she could compare.

However, I am excited to see what will go on with the show. I'm not so excited for Brody's new show Bromance though!

monique said...

ashleigh-- i always think it's weird how everyone is trying to name the new "Carrie" or SATC in some way. Whit is definitely not Carrie...LOL! but i look forward to seeing her in NY!

Bromance---hahahahaha! yeah the show looks kind of cheesy, but Brody is the "no drama" guy, so i'm hoping he'll at least ditch the guys that try to stir it up! of course, there is bound to be some sort of dilemma, or else it wouldn't be on tv...