Tuesday, May 12, 2009

review: La Mer The Body Refiner

La Mer's The Body Refiner is the luxury item every beauty lover should have in her shower. i tell you, there is nothing like life's luxuries: getting a massage, listening to the ocean, exfoliating with diamond dust...

wait, what?

yes, listening to the ocean is a luxury to some people-- oh! you meant exfoliating with diamond dust...sorry...

ok, all joking aside, La Mer has seriously put real diamond dust into its new shower scrub, called The Body Refiner, and i have to tell you-- it is incredible! i mean, talk about luxurious! it works beautifully, giving me soft, radiant skin right out of the shower. every time i use it (about 1-2 times a week), i feel as though i am royalty.

infused with over a carat and a half of pure diamond powder, this multi-faceted treatment instantly polishes the skin to reveal a soft new surface. this spa-like treatment protects skin's delicate moisture barrier, working organically, energetically and physically to reveal a soft and healthy, resilient new surface.

in addition to the the diamonds, this scrub is rich in hyaluronic acid (known for its ability to keep skin hydrated), a micro-algae complex, and La Mer's legendary emollients that hydrate, cushion and soothe the skin. sea mud, tourmaline and many other skin-loving elements are infused in this scrub as well.

just like every other La Mer product i have used, i really think this is a fabulous product. no matter your skin type (even sensitive), this is something you have to try to believe. and if you are looking for something to splurge on, this should be the item you choose!

for more info, visit lamer.com


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