Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer with Soft & Beautiful SKIN

summer is thisclose, so it's time to get ready to bare your best accessory-- your skin! to get it hydrated, smooth and looking its best, Soft & Beautiful SKIN has some products that you may want to check out. since your skin has probably been hidden for months under sweaters and coats, not to mention its been exposed to harsh environmental conditions, it needs intensive hydration and gentle exfoliation. every Soft & Beautiful SKIN formula is dermatologist tested and designed for all skin types to moisturize, nurture, and soften.

these Soft & Beautiful Skin essentials are formulated to keep it soft, smooth, and supple:

Soft & Beautiful SKIN MoistureSoft Exfoliating Body Polish – formulated with sugar crystals and sunflower oil, this luxurious polish gently exfoliates skin while providing hydration and softening skin.

Soft & Beautiful SKIN MoistureSoft Body Oil Gel– created with aloe and olive oil, this quick absorbing formula penetrates skin’s surface without the mess of an ordinary oil.

Soft & Beautiful SKIN MoistureSoft Hand Cream- blended with cocoa, shea, and almond butters, this luxurious cream soothes dry hands and leaves skin feeling supple and refreshed.

stay tuned as i will be bringing you an in-depth review of these products in the coming weeks! until then, visit softandbeautiful.com for more info and visit drugstore.com or your local drugstore to purchase.


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