Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hair therapy: my journey back into a stylist's chair

five weeks ago i went to Element Salon in temecula to participate in the Kerastase hair treatment promo. i knew my tresses were starting to look shabby and were dying to get some professional attention.

Nicole, the stylist who i was scheduled with, voiced her concern for my poor ends and promised to only snip a little, if i would let her (i told he my whole hair nightmare, and turns out she had the same thing done to her, so she understood my hesitation). so after a deep conditioning treatment and a little snip-snip, my hair was on the road back to happyville. :)

after my first visit to Element Salon

i went in again today as i am determined to get back into the habit of regular trims regardless of how scared it makes me. Nicole not only teased me about my tension (i'm still a little scarred, can you blame me?), but reminded me, after trimming my ends, that my hair was looking so much better-- yay!

today's blowout. no i didn't color my hair it's just the lighting

back of the hair shot-- thanks hubby :)

so, just to let you know, the back of my hair is almost the same length as it was before last august's fiasco, and all of the layers are a tolerable length (see what the back of my hair looked like before the thinning and extra layers were added). i'm happy my hair grows fast, and hubby is happy he doesn't have to see me sulking around anymore, LOL! i still plan to do a "one year later" post complete with pics of the dreaded cut (i shudder and feel sick just thinking about it), so stay tuned...


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Unknown said...

Your hair is so gorgeous! :)